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Nob Hill Inn

The Nob Hill Inn is bursting with paranormal activity, that is full of fun and jokes!

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Padre Hotel

The Padre Hotel is home to a variety of spirits; ranging from giggly kids to spirits who get their chuckles at the expense of the living.

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Paso Robles Inn

A dedicated soul is still trying to warn the living of danger; A little girl spirit enjoys startling the living!

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Preston Castle

Current spectral residents are the spirits of the murdered head housekeeper, her vicious killer, and other boys who never left due to disease and suspicious circumstances.

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Queen Mary

Home to at least 100 spirits of past passengers or employees, including: A third class passenger, lovers of the swimming pool, soldiers, a murdered cook, and accident victims.

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Robinson Rose House

Inhabited by the spirits of past owners or folks connected to this place. They are amused with modern conveniences and people.

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